End of Days: Rebirth XV

The Turning Tide It was several days after we had passed the coast when the weather turned. The clear skies and calm waters of the Southern Sea were long behind us. The Eastern Sea was known for its storms of warm rain and high waves. It was not my favorite way to travel. The constant […]

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End of Days: Rebirth XII

Fallen Feathers I walked away from the grave with a purpose. The amount of time we had left to bring about the end of days was drawing ever closer and I needed my answers. There had to be something that they had left while they were in control of the town. The others were probably […]

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End of Days: Rebirth XI

The Second Battle of Skrayhorn As we began our travels yet again I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. We have found another God-Dragon who was willing to help us in our plight of freeing Sovereign from the End of Days. We had more answers to our questions than ever before, yet I […]

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End of Days: Rebirth X

Messengers of The Forest After the earth elemental was dealt with we quickly started to search for civilians that hurt by the creature’s path of destruction. I had been meditating for most of the battle, but luckily our group is composed of a good mix of people that kept it under control. Most of the […]

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End of Days: Rebirth IX

The Oath on the Rooftop I woke the next morning to Alessisa coming down the stairs. I was relieved to see that she was unharmed. She was checking on Haeys who was sitting upright in the lower section of his bunk. I saw her wave her hand in front of his face as she looked […]

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End of Days: Rebirth VIII

The Light of Uther I stood in the darkness not knowing where I was or how I got there. Then a freakishly large human appeared before me. He was old and had a great white beard, his face was hidden by the hood of his cloak. In his right hand, he held a great sword that […]

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End of Days: Rebirth VII

The Setting Sun We awoke the next morning at dawn’s first light. Having learned about Akor’s plans to use The Murder to bring about the end of days we knew we had to find Morgul. And as we prepared to depart from Pendos’ mountain lair we asked if he knew his whereabouts. “DO I KNOW […]

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End of Days: Rebirth VI

The Dragon of Old Millions of stars shining brightly over my head. They formed a spinning cluster of light far out of the reach of any man. Their light made the field of flowers glow with a pale blue. I stood in this clearing awestruck by the beauty of the night. A horse’s neigh off […]

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