End of Days: Rebirth VI

The Dragon of Old Millions of stars shining brightly over my head. They formed a spinning cluster of light far out of the reach of any man. Their light made the field of flowers glow with a pale blue. I stood in this clearing awestruck by the beauty of the night. A horse’s neigh off […]

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End of Days: Rebirth V

A Day in Skrayhorn The next morning we were awoken from our slumber by Remba coming down the hidden stairway that served as the only entrance to the hidden room under the Crimson Blonde. “Come get it while it’s hot.” She said while setting two full trays of food down onto the table. “You want […]

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End of Days: Rebirth IV

The Crimson Blonde Tired from our battle with the chain devil, and with Morgul in his weakened condition we decided that it would be best to hold up in the office. The Swordsmen moved a bookcase in front of the door and we began to set up for a night of very little rest. The […]

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End of Days: Rebirth III

Failure’s Price After our brief respite, we began to prepare to head to the office, retrieve the key, and enter the courtyard. The morning was cool and slight fog was rolling through the chasm. Before we left our camp I tried to learn more about the people I was resurrected with. The Swordsman seemed to […]

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